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From Our Clients

“Dr. Gore is amazing and truly has a gift in working with the facial procedures I had completed. I am in client relations and my face is what individuals see first – therefore, I had a bit of apprehension going in as a ‘first timer.’ However all my doubts were placed at ease as he thoroughly explained the procedure, potential side effects, recovery time and benefits.

I approached Dr. Gore due to issues I had with deep lines/creases around my mouth which made my face appear to be ‘sunken.’ He used JUVÉDERM® gel filler to pull up the lines that were concerning me. In addition, we worked together in determining additional areas of concern, which included filler to provide the appearance of a fuller bottom lip.

Less than 24 hours after the procedure, I have no bruising with very minor swelling, and have experienced zero ‘down time.’ My face appears fuller and has dramatically improved the texture and provided me with a healthier appearing face.

In addition, we worked on a few areas of concern by utilizing BOTOX® treatment in my forehead a week prior. I have had no reactions to the medication and the lines in my forehead are beginning to dissipate as the medication is becoming active in my system.

I would recommend Dr. Gore to all my friends and family. His prices are competitive and even lower than other physician charges that I’ve compared – and I will be utilizing Rejive Medspa for all my future needs.”

– Cyndi W.

“I met Dr. Gore through my hair colorist that I have used for years. He is amazing and truly has a gift for working on facial procedures. I am in sales in the fashion industry and my face is one of the first things that clients see. I was very nervous on my first visit with him. He completely answered every question that I had and made me feel confident about my decision to have the JUVÉDERM® treatment. I had deep lines around my mouth that were concerning me and making me look old. He used the filler to pull up those lines that concerned me. In addition, we worked on other areas of concern around the cheek bones.

I had little swelling and both procedures were quick and easy. My face appears fuller now and much healthier. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gore to anyone that is starting to see lines and wrinkles on their face. His prices are competitive and in many cases much lower than his competitors. I will be utilizing Dr Gore for my future needs.”

– Monica L.

“Dr. Gore’s insight and medical expertise in skin care has been a true blessing to me. His calm demeanor coupled with his extensive knowledge of skin care has helped to guide me in selecting the best skin care procedures for me. I recently had the ImageRenew Facelift© (popularly known as the “Vampire Facelift”). I’d never heard of it until Dr. Gore told me about it, educated me on it and administered it with an amazingly steady hand and calm bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Gore to absolutely anyone!”

– Karen D.

It was my first time doing the IPL and Sublative so I was not sure what to expect. I was so impressed with the level of service and attention to detail that I returned the next day to do another body part. I have gotten so many compliments on how much younger I look and this is only the first treatment. The results surpassed all my expectations! I had the same experience with my fillers and Botox® from Dr. Gore. I have never had any bruising and my Botox® and fillers last longer than anyone else has ever done. I would highly recommend this Med Spa to anyone looking for the most experienced and professional staff. The results are amazing!

– Sheri K.

I just wanted to spread the word about my results with Hydrafacial and Microneedling RadioFrequency treatment! I’ve suffered with acne my entire life. Thank you for giving me the solution to my problem. My skin has never felt so smooth and has never looked so clear in my entire life! I’m so grateful for you!!!

– Monica A.

Super friendly, great doctor, tells you just what you need, and if you don’t need it he will tell you. Unlike many doctors that just want business. Great results…definitely recommend him.

– Nancy D.

“Dr. Gore, thanks, you’re a gem! You are doing good work on me…people already have commented on (my) pretty skin.”

– L.J.

“My forehead does look amazing. Dr. Gore is fabulous!!”

– L.Q.

“I really like it! Dr. Gore did a great job, and I will see him again.”

– D.S.

“The Botox® is working so far. I can’t really frown so the line doesn’t look as bad and (is) getting better everyday. Thank you!”

– J.N.

“(My face) looks fabulous…as always! Dr. Gore does great work! Wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!”

– A.M.

“Great! (My face) looks very good. Now debating another procedure!”

– A.B.

“I LOVE it!!! Big difference! Now I need a B12 shot and will make an appointment for that next.”

– L.L.


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