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ImageRenew Facelift©

The ImageRenew Facelift© combines the science of HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers (i.e., Restylane and Juvederm), unipotent stem cells, and beauty to provide a custom designer procedure that not only restores volume to “worn,” “tired,” or “droopy” skin, but also improves skin tone and texture. Dr. Gore has been specially trained and certified to perform the platelet-rich plasma techniques used in the ImageRenew Facelift©.

Creating The Shape

The first part of the ImageRenew Facelift© utilizes HA fillers to begin sculpting specific areas of the face. The glycosaminoglycans (what an HA filler replaces) act like a sponge that holds water in the face providing a basic shape. This initial injection of HA is the precursor to the ultimate desired form. 

Next comes the polishing and refining step of the sculpting process, which ultimately contributes to the appearance of a younger version of you.

The third and final part of the ImageRenew Facelift© implements the science and mathematics of pure beauty as the physician considers where and how much HA filler and growth factor to apply.

Only specially trained providers, including Dr. Gore, have been made privy to the trade secrets of how these sciences are combined in a specific way.

The Stem Cells In Your Blood

Scientists have known for years that unipotent stem cells lie dormant in the skin and provide the building blocks for healing when you sustain a burn or cut. Until recently, physicians had no convenient way to stimulate those stem cells to grow new tissue. By utilizing the growth factors found in the blood (specifically the platelets), a physician can activate the unipotent stem cells already in the skin and tell those cells to grow new, younger-appearing skin.

During the process of the ImageRenew Facelift©, stem cell science is used to tell the body to grow new younger skin. Within a matter of minutes, your practitioner can create autologous, which means from you to you, platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, and activate your stem cells for the ImageRenew Facelift©.

Unipotent stem cells, which grow only one specific tissue, and can be found in every part of the body.  For example, unipotent stem cells in the liver grow new liver tissue.  Unipotent stem cells in the skin grow new skin. Thus, the ImageRenew Facelift© takes the cosmetic rejuvenation process to a higher level.

Activating 8 Growth Factors

Platelet-rich plasma is similar to HA fillers because it can be injected to sculpt the face. But, here’s the best part: not only does the PRP cause an increase in the volume, PRP contains at least 8 growth factors that will over a long period of time, continually work like a rejuvenating agent. By activating these growth factors, all 3 parts of the aging process improve:

1. The skin color becomes a “younger” color because of new blood vessel formation.

2. New collagen formations in the dermis lifts the face back to a more youthful shape.

3. Because the growth factors are working to build a new dermis, the epidermis (the outer most layers of your skin) appears smoother.

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